Our Story

Nestled in the south corner of the MurRubber Technologies complex is the home of BlackCat Rubber & Art Stamp Supplies. Here, three black cats live, work and play in our work facility. Their names are Gabby, Gia and Gidget (bio’s listed below). They are the inspiration for our name.

MurRubber Technologies is a world-class manufacturing center creating the highest quality rubber products in the industry including our BlackCat line. We put the same technology and experience into our Art Stamp products as we do for the defense, aerospace and chemical sectors of our business.

So when you purchase from BlackCat, you are not only guaranteed the highest quality precision-made Art Stamp Products – you are helping to keep Gabby, Gia, and Gidget living in a style they have become accustomed to.

Flexible Rubber Solutions

High quality rubber available in a variety of different grades, thicknesses, and colors. If you provide us with your specification, we can create a custom rubber solution to meet your needs.

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Brilliant Inks

Our Brilliant Inks are premium dye-based colors featuring a 250% higher concentration of dye containing no metals, acid free and conforms to ASTM D4236 standards. We also have watercolor and standard colors.

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Laser Engravable Rubber

Our product is designed to work with all laser engraving machines, it is low odor and available in red, gray and black.

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Smart Cushion

The original “cling foam” backing. Pressure sensitive adhesive on one side for mounting rubber stamps and a “cling surface” for use on acrylic blocks on the other side.

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Our products are the culmination of extensive development and testing in conjunction with members of the rubber stamp industry. By dealing directly with us you will experience unrivaled flexibility in matching one of our many formulations to your specific needs. That’s because we are a rubber manufacturer and we understand your needs inside and out. You can be assured that our rubber stamp products will meet your quality standards.