Our Story

Nestled in the south corner of the MurRubber Technologies complex is the home of BlackCat Rubber & Art Stamp Supplies. Here, three black cats live, work and play in our work facility. Their names are Gabby, Gia and Gidget (bio’s listed below). They are the inspiration for our name.

MurRubber Technologies is a world-class manufacturing center creating the highest quality rubber products in the industry including our BlackCat line. We put the same technology and experience into our Art Stamp products as we do for the defense, aerospace and chemical sectors of our business.

So when you purchase from BlackCat, you are not only guaranteed the highest quality precision-made Art Stamp Products – you are helping to keep Gabby, Gia, and Gidget living in a style they have become accustomed to.

The Cats

The hoomans call me chubbz. But I’s not chubbz, I juzt like treatz. Mabey my belli iz big, but I gets all the rubz sos thatz ok. Boxz are cool. If I fitz, I sits iz my matto. My sizters are ok I guez. Squeax and I like each ozzer somtimez. Cheril iz my fav hooman. She givz me lotz of treatz, speshalli if I bothrz her enuf. She givz the bezt cuddlez. Toona is gud to.

My nam waz Gia, but ezzrybody callz me Squeakr. I’s very tallktive, haz to tel the hoomans wat to do. I realllli luv treatz! Sheril, my mom, letz me haz treatz if I sits on the dezk and touch her faze. I like to laay in hott spotz on the floor and sleeps. The best part of the daay iz wen we gets toona and milk. The hoomans dont pet me enuf.

My hoomans, I has lots, call me Gidgy. There’s two other catz here wif me. I’s the bestest! Cuddlez are good, but I cuddlez you, you don’t cuddlez me. I scratch if you don’t follow rulez. Errrrmmmmaaggoddd! Chipmunx are fun! I chase them round the roomz, but I gotta get em fast cuz momz will ruin my funs. Momz like to cloz the doorz and lock us in our room, but I hide so I can stay out all nite.

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